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Hello People’s WhatsApp? Friends today  in this text  of the ongoing discussion about Shopify,  I  will discuss you how you can connect the dropshipping app Overlo to the Shopify store and automatically import the Overlo product into your Shopify store. Good to say, Overlo is a means of importing products from Ali Express in the Shopify Store. You can use overlo to automatically import and customize any product directly from Ali Express, including all its original description, price, vendor, etc. and sell it in your store. So let’s get started. Stay tuned, comming soon after the intro video.


So guys, to connect to Oberle App Shopify, first you login to the Shopify store using userID, password. Click on Apps option from admin panel and visit the Shopify Apps by  Shopify Apps store button. Here in the search box type OBERLO and see an app called OBERLO: dropship ‍are Showing here. Install it in your store by clicking on the Add Shopify Store button.

So guys, let’s import the product using the Oberlo app. And first you need to click on the search product option from the Manage Products option. So, after clicking on the search product option here, you can find a list all the different types of Ali Express Free Shipping products from which you can import your desired products with all the details. And later on you can change the product names, descriptions, prices, tags, SKU, etc. to make changes to your preferences and sell them to your Shopify store. Now to import the product, first click on the Add to Import List button below the product, and then you can make the necessary changes, by clicking the Import to Store button, then you can import it into your store without any changes.


Friends Note, you can make changes to the imported products description when you import this from the Oberlo page, and you can change the imported products from the Shopify store admin page to the Products option after importing.

So guys, this is the view of your Shopify store after importing the product from which your Consumers will purchase the product. And your profit is the price you buy from Ali Express, you sell at a higher price than AliExpress price in your store.

So here it is, each product is imported with different size, types, full SEO descriptions etc. Of course, you can make a show for sale in your store without making any necessary changes.

Friends, you can also import products to your Shopify store using Oberlo from Ali Express using the Chrome extension. And first of all you have to go to the web page of the Google Chrome store and search for Oberlo by typing. Add the Oberlo AliExpress product importer extension to your browser.


So guys, whenever you click on a product from AliExpress when the extension is turned on, you’ll see that the product has an Oberlo app logo on it. You can now import the product into your Shopify store with all its information and pictures by clicking on that logo.


So hopefully, you can easily import the product from Ali Express using the Oberlo extension. Or, you can easily import your favorite product from Ali Express directly from the Oberlo page. And yes no matter how you import, later on you can make changes to your Shopify store by changing the required changes like price, vendor, tag, name, etc.


So guys, be good everyone. At other times, different topics will appear in front of you. Be good, stay healthy, prosper your way.

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